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Photo of Colleen Delgado

Colleen Delgado

Backend Engineer

Bradenton, FL, USA


Full Stack Developer

Abacasys Corporation

Full time5/2015 - 2/2017
  1. Involved in upgrading the existing applications and developing web applications. Developed front end using JavaScript, React.js and back end with Node.js and Rust. Implemented RESTful APIs to connect frontend applications with backend services using Rust and Node.js.
Backend Engineer

Icecube Digital

Contract2/2019 - 11/2022
  1. Developed and maintained Rust microservices for a large-scale, high-throughput trading platform with 100+ developers in the team. Participated in upgrading Redox Operating System that uses Rust’s innovations to build a modern microkernel. Implemented RESTful APIs to connect frontend applications with backend services using Rust channels and Rust routines. Designed and implemented highly scalable solutions by leveraging concurrency primitives such as multi-threading, mutexes, semaphores etc., along with best practices like TDD (Test Driven Development). Participated in code reviews of other engineers’ work and ensured that all code adheres to company’s coding standards & guidelines. Used tools such as Git, Jira, Slack for version control, bug tracking and communication respectively Developed solana smart contract using Rust.
Backend Engineer


Full time3/2017 - 1/2019
  1. Responsible for keeping up to date on latest industry software development innovations and leveraging these to improve the products such as MeiliSearch Engine that their team develops. Responsible to define and design backend solutions and software components in Rust or Node.js along with detailed documentation that can be used developers internally. These solutions may be utilized by Web, Android, iOS as well as a number of TV devices Responsible for recruiting, managing and developing a team of backend developers who develop the software to support integration with the Crate platform including developing software to support content ingestion, third-party integrations and advanced integration with Crate platforms Work with business partners and project management to aid creation of project plans, provide estimates and updates Provide technical leadership to the team to foster a collaborative, positive and productive environment for developers to thrive Passion for keeping up to date with the latest developments in the industry


Hokkaido University

Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2013




Senior-level5-8 years

Hourly rate


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