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Photo of Carolina Ribeiro

Carolina Ribeiro

Data Analyst

Experienced Data Scientist with a strong background in data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Proven ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and derive valuable insights to drive business decisions. Skilled in designing and implementing data pipelines, creating visually engaging and interactive dashboards using tools such as Tableau, Python, and SQL. Interested in applying data science skills to new domains and industries.


- Data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization
- Collaboration with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and derive valuable insights.
- Design and implementation of data pipelines
- Creation of visually engaging and interactive dashboards using tools such as Tableau, Python, and SQL
- Project management, ensuring compliance with goals, timelines, and budget.


Data Scientist Supervisor


Full time contract9/2021 - 4/2023
  1. Designed and implemented a data pipeline that integrated data from multiple systems and countries, reducing processing time and increasing data availability by 50%. This resulted in a more efficient and streamlined process for data collection and preparation, enabling faster and more accurate analysis.
  2. Develop visually engaging and interactive dashboards for various stakeholders to effectively communicate insights and drive data-driven decision-making using various tools and platforms including Tableau, AWS Glue and Athena, GCP, BigQuery, SQL and Python.
  3. Collaborate with data scientists, analysts, and business teams to gather requirements, identify key insights, and design data visualizations that provide valuable insights to stakeholders.
  4. Train and mentor team members in best practices for data processing and data storytelling, resulting in a more consistent and effective communication of insights across the organization.
Tech Lead


Full time contract4/2021 - 9/2021
  1. As a Tech Lead for a team of data scientists and analysts, provided technical leadership and project management to drive the development and implementation of data-driven solutions that enhanced customer experience and supported business objectives.
  2. Designed and implemented cutting-edge machine learning models to accurately predict customer production and developed custom dashboards that effectively visualized key metrics and trends.
  3. Delivered personalized reports to track and communicate insights into customer journey.
  4. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, identify valuable insights, and design data visualizations that effectively communicated key findings to stakeholders.
Data Scientist


Full time contract9/2020 - 4/2021
  1. Performed exploratory data analysis to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Leveraged statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends in customer data and presented findings to cross-functional teams to inform business decisions.
  2. Worked closely with product owner and squad members to provide data-driven insights, guiding product development and marketing strategies.
  3. Consistently monitored and analyzed customer feedback and engagement metrics, identifying opportunities to optimize the customer experience and improve overall satisfaction.
Phenotyping Scientist

CTC - Technology Center

Full time contract8/2007 - 8/2012
  1. Led the evaluation and development of new traits using statistical techniques, algorithms, and data analysis to identify opportunities for innovation. Worked with cross-functional teams to identify new targets and designed and executed experiments to evaluate feasibility and efficacy. Developed and implemented new methodologies for trait evaluation and selection, ensuring the delivery of high-quality data to support decision-making.
  2. Collaborated with operational teams to align activities, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and create processes to improve efficiency in data collection, analysis, and reporting. Worked closely with stakeholders to identify and address operational challenges, optimize data quality, and enhance insights.
  3. Kept abreast of emerging technologies and industry developments, applied insights to drive innovation and continuous improvement in process practices. Conducted exploratory data analysis and leveraged statistical techniques to identify best candidate traits and presented findings to product managers to drive business decisions and product development strategies.
  4. Managed projects from inception to delivery, ensuring compliance with project goals, timelines, and budget. Successfully delivered projects on time and within budget, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to ensure biosafety and quality.


USP - University of São Paulo


High School / GEDClass of 2023


PythonAnalyzing dataCreating dashboards and reportsData pipeline


Mid-level5-8 years

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