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Carlos Irving Rojas Noverón

Blockchain Engineer

5-8 yearsMéxico, CDMX, México
About Carlos Irving Rojas Noverón
Blockchain Engineer
Experience level
Senior-level5-8 yrs
Hourly rate
Open to
SolidityEthereumJavascriptNodeReactReact NativePythonWeb designautomated testingProblem-solving

Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Computer Science Engineering

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2018

Consultant Blockchain Engineer

Web3 Guild

full time contract10/2022 - 3/2023
  1. 1) Designed an L2 solution to allow for a feasible and cost-efficient way to handle a high volume of low-value transactions whose fees are to be subsidised by the company.
  2. 2) Deployed an L1 private Ethereum network on AWS Terraform.
  3. 3) Deployed an L2 private GoChain network on AWS Terraform.
  4. 4) Designed and implemented the core smart contracts for both L1 and L2.
  5. 5) Designed an implemented a mechanism to compress and consolidate L2 transactions into L1.
  6. 6) Wrote back-office module to their Angular webapp to allow admins to manually validate transactions and consolidate them into L1.
  7. 7) Lead integration of blockchain functionality into a highly-scalable .NET back end.
  8. Technologies used: Solidity, ERC-20, Hardhat, Waffle, Mocha, Chai, Ethers, Web3, Ganache, NodeJS, Typescript, Loopback, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Ethereum, OpenZeppelin, Metamask, AWS Terraform, Docker, Angular, Ionic, .NET, Nethereum, GoChain.

Senior Blockchain Developer

Stackit Group

full time contract4/2022 - 9/2023
  1. 1) Developed a mintable ERC20 token and a staking smart contract for Defispot. Based on the Uniswap V2 staking rewards mechanism, supports single-sided staking, and is able to pay rewards coming from profit generated by Defispot products and fresh mintings.
  2. 2) Designed a minting algorithm that limits token issuance in accordance to a schedule.
  3. 3) Dominated and lectured the team about the most common math model of DeFi staking rewards.
  4. 4) Developed a process for implementing math models into Solidity code, starting from pen and paper algebra, to then translate into a spreadsheet, then into Python, then into Solidity code.
  5. 5) Wrote a practical “x-ray” variable screener for smart contracts that helps visualize the value of a set of variables across a set of parameters (e.g. addresses to send tokens to, balances). It was written in Typescript.
  6. Technologies used: Solidity, ERC-20, Hardhat, Waffle, Mocha,Chai, Ethers, Web3, Ganache, NodeJS, Typescript, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Ethereum, OpenZeppelin, Metamask, spreadsheets, Python.
  7. Theory applied:
  8. DeFi engineering: APR, APY, Synthetix’ liquidity-staker contract, auto-compounding.
  9. Security: Threat modelling, heuristic analysis, test suite design, static and dynamic analysis.
  10. Software engineering: Clean code, functional programming.

Blockchain Technology Evangelist

Skills.tech (formerly Skills For Industry)

1/2022 - 3/2023
  1. 1) Acquired the certification as Training Course Instructor issued by Mexican Department of Economy’s Institute for Labor Education and Training, which allows us to issue the first blockchain course completion certificates with official validity in Mexico.
  2. 2) Designed the most complete, deep and well-written blockchain development course in Spanish, spanning from the economic fundamentals of Bitcoin to smart contract security and DeFi engineering.
  3. 3) Delivered webinars and online meetups about interesting software engineering topics to engage with our target demographic.
  4. 4) Delivered talks at tech conferences and events (i.e. Jalisco Talent Land and Talent Land Nuevo León) promoting Skills.tech education programmes.
  5. Theory taught:
  6. - Economics fundamentals: Inflation, theory of value, history of money, macroeconomics, financial geopolitical analysis.
  7. - Blockchain fundamentals: Cryptography, hashing functions, hash chaining, immutability, tamper-evidence, proof of work, blocks, transactions, mining.
  8. - DeFi engineering: APR, APY, Synthetix’ liquidity-staker contract, auto-compounding.
  9. - Security: Private key management, known smart contract attack vectors, security guidelines.



full time contract5/2019 - 1/2021
  1. 1) Delivered code in a fast paced environment with a focus on the upcoming market launch.
  2. 2) Supervised an external frontend development team providing them with opportune guidance.
  3. 3) Lead the decision of adopting HL7 FHIR standard for Teeb EHR's over using an in-house database scheme.
  4. 4) Architected the backend consisting of our Postgres db wrapped by PostgREST .
  5. 5) Lead the decision to use PostgREST, simple postgresdb-to-REST converter that allowed our code base to scale faster in its early stage of the product.
  6. 6) Designed role-based db user authentication for PostgreSQL following enterprise-grade security standards.
  7. 7) Programed SQL functions for patient data querying and string searches; exposed them through RPC API.
  8. 8) Built a provisional authentication service using JWTs for stateful session management.
  9. 9) Wrote bash scripts for fast, secure, and customizable deployment on different test and production environments.
  10. 10) Supervised the containerization of our services, and the design, programming and execution of our Docker builds.
  11. 11) Researched and advised about the economics, scalability, and security implications of implementing EHRs using a public blockchain network.
  12. 12) Promoted the adoption of clean code, test-driven development, and the sofware life cycle.
  13. Technologies used: NodeJS, Hapi.js, Javascript, Twilio, Mailgun, PostgreSQL, PortgREST, FHIRbase, bash, NGINX, Docker, GitHub, Hyperledger Besu, Huawei Cloud, Postman.
  14. Specs & standards: FHIR, REST.
  15. Theory applied/learned:
  16. DeFi engineering: APR, APY, Synthetix’ liquidity-staker contract, auto-compounding.
  17. Security: Safe salting and storage of passwords; stateless vs stateful JSON Web Token based authentication and it’s scalability/security implications; role-based database user pfermission/access schemes; database security.
  18. Software engineering: Clean code, cloud infra management, database design, API design, microservice architecture, authentication service architecture; containerization, Dockerfile scripting.
  19. Interpersonal skills: Making friends (really), effective communication, communication amongst technical co-workers, easing complexity in explanations, personal presentation.

Full Stack Engineer


4/2021 - 9/2021
  1. 1) Developed and integrated relayed (gasless) transactions with Biconomy on Polygon.
  2. 2) Found fixed several bugs in their webwidget some of which required significant refactoring.
  3. 3) Debugged the frontend code for Safari-specific bugs and implemented solutions.
  4. 4) Improved bundling time from 70 secs down to 28 secs.
  5. 5) Introduced source maps for debuggability.
  6. 6) Upgraded and maintained UI test suites (Storybook for React).
  7. 7) Wrote documentation of the Solidity codebase.
  8. 8) Hunted, interviewed, screened and evaluated candidates for the full stack blockchain egineer role.
  9. Technologies used: React, React Dev Tools, Redux, web3js, Biconomy, Javascript, NodeJS, Typescript, Visual Studio Code, Webpack, Storybook, GitLab.
  10. Specs: EIP-155 (replay protection), EIP-2771 (relayed transactions), EIP-712 (data signing).
  11. Theory applied/learned:
  12. - Advanced blockchain topics: Cross-chain tx replay protection, relayed transactions.
  13. - Smart contract engineering: Behavioral analysis, test-suite debugging techniques.
  14. - Frontend development: UI testing, cross-browser QA, frontend debugging.
  15. - Web3 governance: DAOs, voting.
  16. - Software engineering: Functional programming, MVC pattern.
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