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Blankcoo Jnr

Community Manager

Lagos, Nigeria
I'm known as BlackCoo, and my passion lies in Web 3.0, NFTs, the Metaverse, and GameFi. I bring both expertise and enthusiasm to these areas, backed by a solid three-year track record in social media marketing, NFTs, crypto community development and management, and generating hype across diverse platforms such as DISCORD, TWITTER, and TELEGRAM.  Furthermore, I excel as a content creator, offering an added advantage to your project.


Partnership manager


Full time contract6/2023 - 11/2023

    Castle clan

    Full time contract6/2023 - 11/2023
    1. Contribute in idealing and implementing community building strategy together with other team members etc
    2. Also building authentic relationships among external audience (investors, enthusiasts, and followers).
    3. Provide people with a feeling of belonging and a network of other people they can connect with.
    4. Communicate that the company cares deeply about the people who support them, work for them, and interact with them.
    5. Drive healthy conversation through:
    6. 1. Consistent questions: Shows active interest and communicates value to the community.
    7. 2. Requesting feedbacks: This drives innovations and ideas
    8. 3. Creating Multiple Communities: This is an unofficial community for speculation (price/moon talks) so as to avoid outsiders gaining influence over pricing matters.
    9. 4. Content of educational posts about the project etc


    University of Uyo

    Computer Science

    Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2023



    Partnership Manager
    project preview

    Solus is the fastest growing Play 2 Earn futures trading game that makes futures trading simple and fun, as if you're playing a game.

    Lamas finance

    Business development manager
    project preview

    Lamas Finance is a true-dapp game hub built on Solana, providing users with genuine blockchain gaming experiences while offering the chance to profit from DeFi’s essential functions. The project achieved 1st Prize in the GameFi track - Solana Coding Camp


    project preview

    NFT community with a unique art collection. Adopt one of the 4445 Monstas in this collection and join the search for their lost eggs. every Monsta is a unique NFT, and with your help, they might find a new home.

    Castle clan

    Community Administrator
    project preview

    Castle clan is a gaming projects where blockchain technology meets the magnificence and mystique of the medieval era. This is not just another NFT game - it's an immersive, interactive journey that will transport you back in time to a realm where castles


    Community managementCollaboration SkillsCommunity EngagementBrand/ company moderator


    Senior-level1-3 years

    Hourly rate


    Open to



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    Hello #communitymanager,#moderator, #collabmanager, & #headchatter!  I've honed my expertise in these areas through hands-on experience and a passion for fostering engaging online communities.  Let's chat about how I can contribute to your dream achievement
    #web3jobs #founders 

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