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Photo of Ayesha Nazar

Ayesha Nazar

React Developer

Lahore, Pakistan
Dear Hiring Community,

I am Ayesha Nazar with a strong background in software engineering and one year of experience specifically in React.js development, I believe I possess the skills and passion necessary to drive your projects to success.
My experience in building web applications using React.js has allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of its core principles. I am proficient in developing reusable components, managing state, and implementing efficient data flow within React.js applications.
I always stay updated with the latest industry trends, which enables me to leverage cutting-edge tools and frameworks to optimize application performance and user experience.
Furthermore, I am a strong advocate for clean code and maintainable software architecture. I am comfortable working with version control systems like Git to ensure the reliability of my code. In addition to my technical skills, I value effective communication and collaboration, as they are crucial for delivering successful projects.
If you hire me for your project, you would not regret your decision.
Thank you


React.jsGithubJavascriptKnowledge HTML5Knowledge CSS3Problem-solvingC++Communication skillsNodeMongoDB


Mid-level1-3 years

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Hope everything is going great 
I am a React-js developer with experience in developing front-end web applications. I'm experienced with Tailwind, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. I'm passionate about working on complex tasks and a big fan of clear and collaborative requirements. I'm open to working on both short and longer projects, and confident that I can use the latest technologies to create a great product.

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