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Photo of Asutosh Patel

Asutosh Patel

Blockchain Engineer

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
A Software Engineer who cares deeply about the impact of the
project on the team which enhances journey of software
development and it's products which needed to be crafted with


System engineer


Full time1/2016 - 12/2018
  1. Software Development: Developed and maintained the of Web App using
  2. Node Js, C#, SQL Server.
  3. Participated in discussions with clients to meet their requirements.
  4. Carried out tasks related to full software development life cycle
  5. Projects: https://www.ccilindia.comhttps://www.ccilindia-lei.co.in/
Software Engineer

Swarm Labs

Full time12/2018 - 2/2021
  1. Containerized Application: I worked on creating service around blockchain
  2. using Node.js and MongoDB, encompassing a range of functionalities
  3. including REST API, NPM module, web app, and desktop app within a
  4. containerized application.
  5. Reward & Verification Engine : I worked on a reward contract designed to
  6. handle Ethereum ERC20 tokens on the main network . This contract
  7. verifies micropayments and facilitates the distribution of rewards.
  8. DCDN Engine: I developed a CDN network based on micropayments,
  9. utilizing JS IPFS, and integrated a Reward Engine to enhance the system.
  10. Crypto Wallet: I contributed to the development of a crypto cold wallet
  11. that leveraged Shamir’s secret sharing method, enabling the creation of a
  12. highly secure multi-password protected wallet.
Lead Engineer


Full time4/2021 - 11/2023
  1. Containerized Application: I led the transition from a monolithic
  2. architecture to a containerized application, orchestrating the
  3. transformation into a microservices architecture. This involved utilizing
  4. Node.js, MongoDB, Docker, Kafka, and Azure to enhance scalability and
  5. maintainability
  6. Verification and Subscription Engine: Developing a data verification
  7. system based on a subscription model, utilizing a Private Ethereum
  8. network and implementing Solidity smart contracts. This system
  9. ensures secure and transparent data verification processes for
  10. subscribers.


Trident Academy of Technology


Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2015


BlockchainSolidityNode+npmJavascriptSoftware developmentGithubWeb implementationMicrosoft Azure


Senior-level5-8 years

Hourly rate


Open to


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