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Photo of Anant Avinashi

Anant Avinashi

Product Manager

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Hi, I'm Anant. 
Through my career pursuits, I am driven to develop FinTech products that make financial and non- financial transactions simpler for the masses.

To change the ecosystem of how financial transactions are carried out for individuals and companies, there is a tremendous need for technology to support our financial institutions in driving this change. Using my learnings from my education in FinTech and my experience of developing digital onboarding infrastructures for international banking clients, I am certain to be of value in development of more such products and management of an amicable environment for the team as well as customers/partners.

Additionally, as part of my coursework during my masters, I did a project on understanding the effect of cryptocurrencies on traditional portfolios and an exploratory analysis on cryptocurrencies. This really gave me a lot of deep understanding on the potential of blockchain technology. Even though the world is not fully ready for this, I am constantly educating myself on the current trends and development on this front, hoping it'll all kick in soon enough.


Product/Project Manager

Affinsys AI

Full time contract12/2020 - 12/2022
  1. Led end-to-end management of Affinsys flagship product- WhatsApp Banking Wallet for clients like First Capital Bank, INM Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank & CannyPay spread across Africa, Gulf and the UK- involving services like Digital Onboarding, Chatbots & Campaign Management, client interactions.
  2. Streamlined processes for product & project management across the company using Agile framework, development of SOPs
Systems Engineer


Full time contract6/2011 - 12/2014
  1. Performed QA activities for American Express, CVS PBM & CVS Rx Connect.
  2. Prepared and tracked project deliverables like Business Requirement Documents, Use Cases, Traceability matrices & sign- off reports.
Senior Python Developer

Namaste Credit

Full time contract2/2019 - 2/2020
  1. Conceptualised a 'Pre-approved Loan Product' for SMEs (Small and Medium enterprises)
  2. Using Python and Machine Learning models to generate standardised reports for the assessment of financial statements, CIBIL and ITR of SMEs.
Senior Software Test Analyst


Full time contract1/2015 - 7/2017
  1. Lead a team for the American Express Corporate Credit Cards project & successfully implemented Amex Vicinity across multiple browsers.
  2. Lead the QA teams for ACH, Wire Transfer, Bill Pay & developed framework for FIS’s in-house product Business eBanking.


Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology

Electrical Engineer

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2011
University of Strathclyde

Financial Technology

Master's DegreeClass of 2018
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Decentralised Finance

OtherClass of 2022


PythonBlockchainProject managementAgile methodologiesJiraMachine learningSolidityStrategyCryptocurrencyProblem-solving


Mid-level8+ years

Hourly rate


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Open to work
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for projects in the Blockchain space. My expertise is in Product and Project Management.
Highly appreciate any leads.
Thank you

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