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Photo of Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Fullstack Engineer

Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Senior Software Engineer II

Charles River Development

Full time6/2022 - 12/2022
  1. ➢ It’s a prestigious flagship product which manages about 46 trillion USD worth of assets. ➢ Worked as Individual contributor for one of the modules of this product. ➢ This product is sold as on premise hosting & installation as well as company hosted SAAS application. ➢ This comprises of Win form based GUI client and Middle tier written in java and backend DB as Oracle and Sql Server. ➢ Win form client uses SOAP protocol to communicate with middle tier. ➢ I implemented new features and also worked on defects.
Principal Software Engineer

SS&C EzeSoft

Full time12/2016 - 6/2022
  1. ➢ Involved in feature/functional discussion and technical design. ➢ Working as “Individual Contributor” as well as Team-lead for my SCRUM team. ➢ Optimized Trades-Reconciliation process by 70%, it was heavily based on SQL. ➢ Optimized performance of data import module (written in C#) by 89%. ➢ Lead team to design and develop "Subscription and Redemption Import" and "Historical FX Rate Import" module using TDD. ➢ Received an appreciation email from customer for quick turnaround on critical and blocker support requests. ➢ Designed an algorithm to compare saved layouts of DevExpress windows-forms against the upgraded one. This significantly improves the client upgrade time. ➢ Technologies used: C#, SQL Server, AWS, Jenkins, Web API, ASP. Net, .NET Core, MVC, Typescript, JavaScript, jQuery, Win Forms, Multi-Threading
IT Analyst


Full time3/2016 - 12/2016
  1. ➢ Developed a Console application using .Net for Health Insurance client to find payment defaulters and send reminder. ➢ Technologies used: C#, SQL Server.
Senior Software Engineer

Atlas Healthcare Softwares

Full time10/2012 - 3/2016
  1. ➢ Previously known as Atlas Healthcare Softwares. ➢ Lead team to design and develop Outbreak and Group event management module (this enhancement was a bug free delivery. ➢ Added feature of 2-way binding and unbinding for asp.net web controls. ➢ Developed a C# library “Property Indexer” which wraps a C# object and adds ability to access the properties via index. ➢ Developed a windows application to read company’s bug management application and generated report which can be used to come up with KPI of employees. I got company wide recognition and appreciation for this. It saved from long hours of manual work and increased efficiency and accuracy. ➢ Technologies used: C#, SQL Server, Asp.Net, Web Forms, Web Services, Multi-Threading, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS
Software Engineer

Metaoption Softwares India Pvt Ltd

Full time4/2011 - 10/2012
  1. ➢ This was the first company I worked for. ➢ Wrote a very basic resume parser which can read MS Word and Pdf format and extract many key information. ➢ Wrote lot of web-scrapping program in C# (Console app and Windows Service), to read online resources and gather leads in a database. This database will be used by our business team to connect with advertisers. ➢ Technologies used: C#, SQL Server, Asp.Net, Web Forms, Web Services, Multi-Threading, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS


GKV Haridwar

Computer Science

Bachelor's DegreeClass of 2010




Senior-level8+ years

Hourly rate


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