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Aditya Dhir



Software Engineer

Metakeep By Passbird Research

Full time contract2/2022 - 8/2023
  1. Leading backend and smart contract development.
  2. Created ERC4773 Account abstraction wallet from scratch to simplify the User experience for Metaeep End Users.
  3. Conducted security analysis of the smart contracts using static analyzers like sltiher and Mythx.
  4. Built 20+ APIs that allows users to interact with blockchain to abstract all the complexities while creating a blockchain application.
  5. used the concept of smart contract cloning to eploy minimla proxies of the simplementation contract.
Software Engineer

Razor Network

Full time contract12/2020 - 5/2022
  1. Worked on slashing mechanism in the smart contracts for Razor Network Oracle.
  2. Created developer support projects like implementation of gas bot to reduce the overall consumption of gas by the functions, implemented end to end transaction tracing application.
  3. Implemented staking smart contracts and led yeild farming programs for Razor Network on various platforms. Created liquidity Pools on Dexes like Uniswap and Pancake Swap.


SRM University AP

Computer Science And Engineering

High School / GEDClass of 2021


PythonAWS LambdaGithubSolidityEthereumReactDocumentation preparation


Mid-level1-3 years

Hourly rate


Open to


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