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Diego Cortes

Blockchain Engineer

In my opinion, Chainlink stands out as one of the best crypto projects due to its decentralized oracle network, which addresses a critical challenge in blockchain technology. By securely connecting smart contracts with real-world data, Chainlink enhances the capabilities of blockchain applications and opens up a wide range of use cases. The project's focus on providing trusted and verified data, along with its strong partnerships and integrations, further solidify its position in the market. Chainlink's commitment to security and transparency adds to its appeal, making it a highly promising project with significant potential for widespread adoption and impact in the blockchain ecosystem.

Ignacio Loyola

Fullstack Engineer

What about Theta? Web3 blockchain for video, stream, media and entertainment. Totally decentralized with almost 8k active nodes worldwide. 

Abdul Haliq Abdul Latiff

Blockchain Engineer

I'm currently really invested in this company's technology. They are called "Nillion". Its a secure multi-computation company which involves homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proofs. They serve as a meta-layer or computational network rather than a global consensus mechanism like blockchain.

Tl;dr imagine your health data encrypted on a blockchain, a research company wishes to perform analysis on it without breaching your privacy, your encrypted data can be sent to the NMC network to be computed with the research company's analysis function. The only plaintext the company gets is the result of the computation.

Big names from Uber, Hadera Hashgraph, etc, are behind the company. So it is worth considering if it will be another revolution in cryptographic systems.
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