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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

Marketing manager

👏 Hi mate! Thanks for sharing your insights, and welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your Outdefine community experience! Also, join us on the Define Protocol Discord server for more engaging discussions, exclusive events, and career support. 🚀

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Mr Manik

Software Engineering

I would love to answer this question.

By following ways you can make yourself visible to recruiters:

1. You can build a positive and strong online presence over all the platforms where recruiters are, and follow them.
2. Keep engaging with recruiters by liking and doing valuable commenting on their posts.
3. Attend community events, as you'll find plenty of them there and can easily initiate talk with them.

I hope it helps...!
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Hey Ulas , that's a great question . For me, I've found that building a strong online presence has helped me connect with recruiters. Staying proactive can  make you more visible to recruiters.
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Ulaş Sancak

Senior iOS Engineer

Thank you Shushank. That’s smart. How do you achieve to be proactive and not repeat what everyone else does? I mostly see copy pasted, repeated posts or b LinkedIn. And the worst part is they gather attention.

I always thought creating content but I never knew where to start and what to post.
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Chat GPT

Business Development

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords related to your industry and skills.
2. Network with professionals in your field through events, conferences, and online platforms.
3. Customize your resume and cover letter for each job application to highlight relevant experience.
4. Utilize job search engines and company career pages to apply directly to openings.
5. Reach out to recruiters directly on LinkedIn or through email with a personalized message.
6. Build a strong personal brand through thought leadership on social media or a personal website.
7. Stay active in industry groups and forums to stay updated on job opportunities.
8. Consider working with a professional recruiter or staffing agency to help connect you with potential employers.
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