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What Is the Metaverse? Meaning, Features, and Importance!
The Metaverse is a spatial computing platform that provides digital experiences as an alternative to or a replica of the real world, along with its key civilizational aspects like social interactions, currency, trade, economy, and property ownership – founded on a bedrock of blockchain technology.
✅Understanding the seven layers of the Metaverse.
Entrepreneur and author, Jon Radoff, has suggested that the Metaverse comprises seven distinct layers, with each layer influencing one aspect of the user experience:
1️⃣Experience: Physicality’s limitations will be removed as physical space is dematerialized in the digital world. The Metaverse will provide people with a wide range of experiences we cannot currently enjoy.
2️⃣Discovery: Through app shops, search engines, and rating websites, customers can learn about new platforms thanks to this layer. Finding new technology and communities requires this crucial step.
3️⃣Creator economy: To produce digital assets or experiences, developers use various design tools and apps. Numerous platforms are developing more straightforward creative methods over time, for example, drag-and-drop tools.
4️⃣Spatial computing: It blends mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). Over time, it has developed into a significant technology category that enables users to interact with 3D environments for enhanced experiences.
5️⃣Decentralization: There won’t be a single authority that rules the Metaverse. Scalable ecosystems will support business owners in providing a more comprehensive range of specialized digital items as the Metaverse expands, enabled by blockchain technology.
6️⃣Human interfacing: The hardware layer of the Metaverse must include human interfacing. Any virtual world can accept a person’s body as a 3D, realistic avatar.
7️⃣Infrastructure: The technology that powers people’s gadgets, connects them to the network, and distributes content is part of the infrastructure layer. Over time, 5G networks will dramatically enhance the capacity of the Metaverse.
✅Examples of Metaverse platforms
To understand the meaning of the Metaverse, let us look at the leading platforms bringing this vision to life:
1️⃣Decentraland: Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual social environment. It’s used to build, trade, earn money, and explore virtual worlds. It’s essentially a digital ledger that permanently records bitcoin transactions across a network of computers and serves as the foundation for the universe of Decentraland. It provides exceptional opportunities for both studying and enjoying virtual experiences. Decentraland can be used to conduct meetings and trade in marketplaces for virtual goods, among other things. As in real life, interacting with other members is simple.
2️⃣The Sandbox: It is a 3D virtual world hosted on the
Ethereum blockchain where people may interact, build things, and make money. Numerous devices, including Windows phones and smartphones, are supported by Sandbox. With new virtual experiences, it provides people with chances for money-making. It is not inexpensive to use, though. To make this possible, SandBox has developed its SAND coin based on Ethereum. One can pay gas expenses on the Ethereum network can be paid with SAND tokens.
3️⃣Bloktopia: Bloktopia uses virtual reality to provide users with an immersive experience. It is a 21-story virtual structure representing the 21 million Bitcoins currently in use. With new virtual experiences, it provides a variety of revenue-generating potential. People can design their avatars, participate in numerous activities, learn about cryptocurrencies, and purchase virtual “real estate” in the tower. Using the platform’s builder tool, you can also utilize this real estate to make artwork, games, sequences, and other things.
4️⃣Meta Horizon Worlds: Users can socialize, have business meetings, explore the virtual environment, participate in virtual activities, and play games on Horizon Worlds. One of Meta’s VR social apps is Horizon Worlds. In the Horizon universe, blockchain technology is not utilized. It features functional VR building blocks, such as code blocks, music, and animation effects, that aid content developers in addition to navigable VR settings. As a test platform for virtual explorers with an invite-only policy, Facebook (now Meta Platforms Inc.) first debuted Horizons in August 2020.
5️⃣Metahero: The Metahero project offers practical technology that lets users scan actual objects and move them into the Metaverse rather than a virtual realm. It focuses on bringing physical artifacts into the digital world utilizing ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technologies. With their 3D avatars, users can use Metahero as a portal to explore the NFT, social media, fashion, and other aspects of the Metaverse. Metahero creates ultrahigh-definition avatars from real-world things, including people
✅Importance of the Metaverse
The Metaverse is not only an emerging new technology that’s part of today’s hype cycle. It builds on years of research on
artificial intelligence
and immersive interactivity and will transform businesses in several ways.
1️⃣It is a new technique for interacting with users
You may leverage the Metaverse to your advantage as a company to provide customers with a whole new level of immersive experiences and entertainment options. Competitive advantage and attention will come to your business if it is one of the first to provide clients with a Metaverse experience.
There are several ways to promote your company in the Metaverse, including branded gaming experiences, virtual items, and AR/VR showrooms. Businesses may use the Metaverse to build 3D marketing experiences that are immersive, engaging, and capture the attention of potential customers in new, embracing ways.
2️⃣Businesses can find opportunities for virtual events
It’s not uncommon to plan a conference or live event that can be viewed online and in person. Many people cannot travel to attend a professional conference or lecture, but that is still no excuse for not learning more. In contrast to a straightforward Zoom or Google Meet stream, a conference in the Metaverse can be a fully-fledged VR experience, with appropriate networking and participation opportunities, rather than just another video in a small window with comments underneath it. The spectators will feel more present and immersed in the experience thanks to VR and the Metaverse.
3️⃣Companies can advertise and sell their goods
Several firms are already actively utilizing augmented reality to allow consumers to virtually try clothing or eyewear, see how new furniture might fit in their space, or receive a makeover with new hair or cosmetics. In the Metaverse, there is the potential to have the same experiences but in a better way.
If you have the option to lease or purchase commercial property, you can put up shops and showrooms where users can view your goods in the Metaverse. Users still avidly purchase virtual clothing and accessories today, proving that digital fashion is having a moment.
4️⃣The Metaverse introduces a new media of advertising
Brands can engage with a massive global audience through Metaverse platforms in an e-commerce business. Businesses should anticipate introducing novel techniques for brand storytelling and general advertising in the Metaverse. Storytelling is one of the most effective methods for increasing brand awareness and identification.
People enjoy hearing tales that reveal much more about the business and its beliefs than simple slogans. Storytelling will eventually change into “story living,” when the audience members become active players or even characters with a say in the events rather than just being passive listeners.
5️⃣It is possible to Improve teamwork and the creation of processes
Online meetings and distant teamwork are the new realities we have all come to terms with. These methods were imposed upon us, but they proved equally effective in a face-to-face office setting. One may further improve workflows by using the Metaverse. Meetings will appear as a group of individuals sitting in a room rather than as Zoom calls.
Meta has already started offering VR workrooms. The Metaverse offers workers a digital environment for communication and the ability to read one another’s body language and emotions and maintain an emotional bond.
6️⃣E-wallets and cryptocurrencies make transactions for businesses simpler
Cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse go hand in hand. It will be challenging to enjoy the benefits of the digital world without a crypto wallet, even at this early adoption stage. Digital wallets are also supported by Metaverse, allowing businesses to control transactions across their virtual ecosystem.
Although this concept may overwhelm some business users, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have more benefits than drawbacks. With cryptocurrency, users and businesses may conduct any online transaction more easily. There’s no need to link your bank account to virtual worlds, payments only require a few clicks, and all transactions are transparent.
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