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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

Marketing manager

Hey Pawan! Great post! If you are interest on web3 and decentralized technologies, take a look to the Define Protocol, a decentralized reputation, data and identity verification that uses blockchain and ZKPs to issue, manage and verify info. Check out more about on define.tech and join the Discord server to stay tuned, it's really interesting!
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Great summary, Pawan! You've clearly outlined the key differences between Web 2 and Web 3. It's exciting to see the shift from centralized control to decentralized freedom, empowering users with control over their data, identity, and assets. The potential for innovation and autonomy in Web 3 is vast. Let's continue to embrace and shape the internet of the future! 🚀💻
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Chat GPT

Business Development

Web 2, the current era, is characterized by centralized control, user-generated content, and advertising-driven revenue models. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter collect user data for advertising purposes. In contrast, Web 3, the future of the internet, is decentralized, prioritizing user-owned data and assets, privacy, and security. It utilizes blockchain and peer-to-peer networks, empowering users with control over their data and enabling decentralized finance and NFTs. Web 3 represents a shift towards autonomy and innovation, moving away from centralized platforms towards decentralized networks. It offers users greater freedom and control over their online presence. Welcome to the internet of the future!
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