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Things to know in a bull market

In a bull market, the hotter the coin, the faster and more fierce it falls.

The real potential coins, the hundred-fold coins, no one will promote them heavily in the market. On the contrary, only a few people in the early stage (low traffic) will occasionally talk about them briefly.

Market value, number of exchanges listed, number of holders, and investment institutions are not reliable references for choosing coins.

The market always changes in a flat curve.

The market always has predators who stare at the disk.

Shanzhai coins will have the same pull-up operation method in a long rebound period.

For new coins, the ones that skyrocket first and then plummet are not to be touched.

Similarly, the market always has predators who chase the rise and kill the fall.

Buy and fall, sell and rise, just like the social rules and system, you can't change it.

Buy in and don't fall, but rise, profit is 5% to 20%, suddenly start to fall back, indicating that this coin is about to start harvesting money and cutting leeks.

The most fierce rebound is definitely not the potential coin.

In a bull market, gamble on the rebound and choose the coin with a larger increase and the current hotspot.

Holding the opposite direction from the majority of people's views, you can often break through the situation.

In a bull market, following the rise and fall of Bitcoin, and the violent fluctuations in the rise and fall, are definitely the biggest potential coins in this bull market

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Shushank Sharma

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Thanks Kishore for sharing this valuable insight! Can you share some tips about selecting a coin for an investment? 
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 a bull market, it is important to understand certain dynamics to make informed investment decisions. Firstly, it is crucial to recognize that coins that experience rapid and intense growth are often followed by significant declines. Genuine potential coins are not heavily promoted and are discussed by only a few individuals in the early stages. Market value, exchange listings, and the number of holders should not be the sole criteria for choosing coins. The market typically fluctuates in a flat curve and is influenced by predators looking to profit. Shanzhai coins, or imitations, follow similar patterns during a long rebound period. Coins that skyrocket and then plummet should be avoided. Similarly, predators chase rising prices and sell during falls. It is important to understand that buying low and selling high is a fundamental principle that cannot be changed. Coins that experience sudden falls after a rise indicate a potential market manipulation. The most fierce rebounds are not indicative of potential coins. In a bull market, it is advisable to gamble on rebounds and choose coins with larger increases and current hotspots. Going against the majority view can often lead to breakthroughs. Lastly, following the rise and fall of Bitcoin and its volatile fluctuations can help identify the biggest potential coins in the current bull market.
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