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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

Marketing manager

Hey there Mohammed! Thanks for sharing your doubts with us. About the blockchain forks and the differences between hard and soft fork, let me clarify this:

In blockchain, a fork happens when there's a change to the protocol's rules, leading to a divergence in the blockchain's history.

A soft fork is a backward-compatible change, meaning it's a minor update that still allows older nodes to interact with the network. It's like adding a new rule to a game that everyone can still play.

On the other hand, a hard fork is a non-backward-compatible change. It's a more significant update that requires all nodes to upgrade to the new rules. It's like changing the rules of a game in a way that some players can't continue playing with others unless they also adopt the new rules.

Please keep interacting with the other talents and showing your expertise. I'm sure you have a lot to share within this community.

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