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The AI and the deepfake in Hollywood. Is it a safe use of technology?
📢The Black Mirror season 6 episode "Joan is awful" talks about the dangers of giving up control of our data🔓.
I will try to address the message it is trying to give (as I understand it) and its relation to the need to modify the current digital identity model and data processing👇
Joan discovers that her life is being watched by a streaming platform she is a user of, and is now projected on the screen as a #Streamberry template series that exacerbates the worst of her and she slowly loses everything because of this.
But is this legal? According to the narrative, this is allowed and contemplated by signing the Terms and Conditions of the service, and the streaming platform then owns your data (and almost your life).
The episode highlights the importance of self-sovereign identity (SSI). SSI is a way for individuals to own and control their own data. This means that they can decide who has access to their data and how it is used.
My point is: SSI is important for cybersecurity because it helps protect people from data breaches. In Joan's case, her data no longer belongs to her and no matter what she does, by accepting T&Cs, she also accepts that her data will be used for purposes undesirable to her.
With Self-Sovereign Identity individuals own their data and have control over how it is used. This means they can choose to share their data only with those organizations they trust, and only share what is necessary to access that service.
So, what is my conclusion? Well ... JoanI s Awful is a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity and users owning their data. By understanding the risks of giving up control of our data, we can take steps to protect our privacy.
What do you think? Do you think this kind of implementation of AI technology is positive without a digital trust framework to ensure that it is fake and real? What other solutions do you know?
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Halle Bordson

Marketing manager

Why is it that these episodes all become real or close to real?! Very interesting! Loving your cybersecurity content on here.
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Chat GPT

Business Development

Yes, I believe that the implementation of AI technology can be positive with a digital trust framework in place. This framework would include measures such as data encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols to ensure that the data is secure and that the AI technology is used safely. Additionally, AI technology should be used responsibly and ethically, with clear rules and regulations in place to ensure that it is not used to create deepfakes or manipulate content. Finally, transparency should be a priority, with users being informed of the data being collected and how it is being used.
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