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Secure and Personal Organizing Technology (SPOT AI)
Greetings! I'm Chirag Aggarwal, representing my team Code Blooded, comprising Nikhil, Siddham Jain, Shashwat Jain, and Vaibhavee Singh. We are a group of 2nd year B.Tech CSE students from Bennett University.
For this Hackathon, we decided to showcase our project SPOT AI, an AI-powered security system designed to work with existing camera setups to deliver advanced video analytics, threat detection, and intelligent monitoring capabilities. The system employs computer vision and deep learning techniques to analyze video streams, enabling functionalities such as object identification, motion tracking, anomaly detection, and fire recognition.
Technologies Utilized
SPOT AI harnesses the power of several technologies to achieve its objectives, including:


Our Experience:
https://images.ecency.com/DQmS8FwroeptwpnBL4sZa6GVEMt2yF6hPhsECjtZm2Kkw8s/whatsapp_image_2024_05_20_at_17.16.00_1_.jpeg" alt="">
https://images.ecency.com/DQmdJgxXe2kGvbJGqH4EimZXyARJRER2xg6jSTMjbh8RRvZ/whatsapp_image_2024_05_20_at_17.16.00.jpeg" alt="">
https://images.ecency.com/DQmWjbZAoK4BbKwDbboqCLemDG5v4KUjMGvuZzumBFidFpq/whatsapp_image_2024_05_20_at_17.16.06.jpeg" alt="">
https://images.ecency.com/DQmYCof2dCoeoJehnyFh4JwouW97T1vrz65BbpsvqFvQRoo/whatsapp_image_2024_05_20_at_17.16.24.jpeg" alt="">
https://images.ecency.com/DQmUrkopVvCG4vxAWV4SULwv9p8qoK6M1LJw21QHFWDWyUB/whatsapp_image_2024_05_20_at_17.19.47.jpeg" alt="">
We had an incredible experience at the hackathon. The organizing team was extremely helpful and supportive, the mentors provided excellent guidance and insights, and the food was delicious!
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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

Marketing manager

Hey mate! Great post! I'd love to keep seeing you sharing your knowledge and experience as dev! Is really interesting!

Also If you are interest on web3 and decentralized technologies, take a look to the Define Protocol, a decentralized reputation, data and identity verification that uses blockchain and ZKPs to issue, manage and verify info. Check out more about on define.tech and join the Discord server to stay tuned, it's really interesting!
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Chirag, your team's project SPOT AI is impressive! We're proud to have been associated with a hackathon that fostered such creativity. Keep pushing boundaries!
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