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▪ Taking code sharing to maximum level using asp.net core, blazor, blazor class library and .net Maui to develop all in one apps for all platforms - web, Android, iOS, windows- at once.
Developed more than 10 Android, iOS apps using Xamarin Forms & Xamarin for automation and maximum code sharing using C#, Xamarin.Forms,Xamarin Essentials, XAML, MVVM, SQL, Firebase, Firebase real time push notifications, SQLite, Web Services, ASP .NET Web REST API's etc
▪Developed ASP.NET Web Forms , SQL database, Web Services, REST API's, JSON Handler's etc
▪Developed several standalone scripts and REST API’s for python using flask
▪Developed Dashboards using POWER BI - integrating reports, live data feed, DAX queries, predictive visuals, TBATS, ATR, Neural Networks based analytics etc.
▪Developed Text OCR using MS Computer Vision, Google Cloud Computer Vision apps to provide real time image to text in factory for field engineers to convert readings from analog meters to digital meters - saving infra cost on new meters.
▪Developed python image processing scripts - Personal Protective Equipment Detection, Face Mask Detection, Virtual machine Guarding, People Counter - Object detection based models.
▪Deployed scripts for real time web scraping of data from Indian government's power exchange data for our powerplants and sending real time push notifications to our power sales and power plant and coal handling teams to save time on changes in the power demand.
▪Developed deep learning models for Pot-line process control for prediction of temperature and AlF3 consumption to reduce overall energy consumption.
▪Developed multivariate-multistep LSTM based time series model using TensorFlow and Kera’s for predicting repetitive cycles of process controls for temperature prediction in aluminium pots.
▪Developed of technology for end to end automation of 12 weigh bridges inside plant using .NET, python scripts, load cells, COM ports, RFID/IP cam(using live image recognition systems).
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Thank you Surendera for joining the Outdefine platform! Excited to have a skilled full stack developer like you on board. 
Kindly complete your profile and yours assessments in order to let our recruiting team help you to find and match with the perfect job.

And in the meantime you can post here cool content or questions related with your expertise or just interact with other users boards, also you can invite people to the platform or recommend them to jobs. That way you can earn tokens from the platform and also learn a lot from the other talent users too.
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