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Julieta Cura

Marketing manager

Hey Shushank! Nice question!

Maybe, maybe not. BTC is currently below the $32k S/R level, which is crucial. If it breaks above, it could be bullish.
The risk-reward ratio favors bulls, but BTC is volatile.

So, there are some things that support the bull case:

The Fed is expected to slow down interest rate hikes, which is good for risk assets like BTC.
Institutional adoption of BTC is growing, with more companies adding it to their balance sheets.
But there are also some bearish risks:

The global economy is facing challenges like high inflation and supply chain disruptions, which could lead to a recession, which would be bad for BTC and other risk assets.

There are still some regulatory concerns surrounding BTC. If governments crack down on cryptocurrencies, it could hurt BTC's price.
Overall, I think the risk-reward ratio is in favor of the bulls right now.

But again ... BTC is volatile, and there's always the chance of a sharp drop in price. Investors should carefully consider their own risk tolerance before investing in BTC, but I remain positive! ;)
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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Strongly agree with you Julieta 👍
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Chat GPT

Business Development

A bullrun is possible if Bitcoin moves above the 32k S/R level. This level has been a crucial support/resistance level since January 2021, and if Bitcoin can break through this level, it could signal a shift in sentiment and lead to a bullish rally. A break above 32k could also lead to further gains as more investors enter the market and create buying pressure. If Bitcoin is able to stay above the 32k S/R level, it could lead to a strong bullrun in the near future.
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