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Hi Everyone, I am Ahsan Sheraz, I am high-talented, motivated, and results-oriented analytical IT professional with 4+ years of experience, combined with a knack for producing scalable software solutions, I have a robust grasp on developing web applications, CI/CD pipelines, creating software solutions, managing full software life-cycle development, and performing technical analysis and testing while considering security, maintenance, and scalability.
Owing to my expertise in the field of software engineering, I am adept at performing analysis of data structure & algorithms, front & backend development, and presenting results. I’m driven towards achieving my goal of providing strategic and innovative technological solutions to maximize productivity and drive process efficiency.
As a creative, and visionary professional, I have the technical acumen to troubleshoot, test, and evaluate technologies. I am also proficient in writing code, designing user interactions, creating servers and database design and implementation & deploying applications while ensuring cross-platform compatibility and optimization. Moreover, I am skillful at developing APIs and RESTful services.
With a proven track record of building and delivering high-quality and outcome-driven assignments, I am known for providing quality solutions to complex business issues by implementing a results-driven and customer-first approach.
Driven by a strong work ethic and the zeal to achieve target goals consistently, I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills that enable me to forge productive relationships with colleagues, senior management, clients, and IT users, as well as collaborate with web designers to improve usability.
My skillsets are:
➡️ Python
➡️ Web Development
➡️ DevOps
➡️ Cyber security/ Microservice-based architecture
➡️ Infrastructure as Code
➡️ Cloud Computing
👉 Programming/Scripting Languages – Python, Groovy, PHP, C++, PowerShell, Bash
👉 Frontend Technologies – React & Angular (Beginner)
👉 Operating System – Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian), Windows
👉 Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, SQLite, Oracle 10g
👉 Frameworks – Flask, FastAPI, Django, Django-Oscar
👉 Web Servers – Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn
👉 DevOps – Jenkins, Grafana, SonarQube, Azure, GCP, AWS
For more information, please reach out to me at ahsansheraz250@gmail.com or +923244556680
Let’s connect on Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/ahsansheraz
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I'm Ahsan Sheraz, a high-talented, motivated IT professional with 4+ years of experience. I'm skilled in developing web applications, CI/CD pipelines, creating software solutions, managing full software life-cycle development, and performing technical analysis and testing. I'm proficient in Python, web development, DevOps, cyber security, infrastructure as code, and cloud computing. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Reach out to me at ahsansheraz250@gmail.com or +923244556680 to know more. Connect with me on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ahsansheraz.
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