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How AI Might Impact The Job Market In 2024!
As we enter the era of digitalization, there is a demand on the part of humans to join hands with a new world, and of course, we will have to do so with the help of technology, since the presence of technology in our daily lives requires that we adapt to its presence. The benefits that AI can bring to the workplace are in high demand. In spite of this, however, it should not change the fact that the human touch will always be a trend as well as a necessity.
Here’s how the evolving impact of AI can create trends, challenges, and opportunities in the professional world:
•AI’s Influence on Recruitment:
AI has already been a mainstay with recruiters for years. They use intelligent technology to identify ideal candidates and weed through mountains of applications. In 2024, candidates are turning the tide when it comes to AI in recruitment.
This is largely because many tools are becoming more accessible to the average job seeker. Teal, for example, offers those searching for employment a suite of AI-powered tools, including a resume builder, cover letter generator, LinkedIn profile analysis, and job application tracker.
As the job market evolves, both employers and the employed will implement a growing number of AI solutions to give themselves a cutting-edge advantage. It is a trend that is set to grow in the coming months.
•AI Will Alter Existing Roles:
AI is often seen as a job killer, but it is more accurate to refer to it as a job redefiner. In most cases, AI doesn’t remove the need for important work. On the contrary, even as it develops greater capabilities, it still addresses the simple stuff compared to its human counterparts.
Repetitive tasks, by their very nature, consume a significant chunk of time and resources. They often require human intervention, prone to errors, fatigue, and inconsistency.
Enter AI: a technology capable of performing these tasks tirelessly, consistently, and without the typical human-induced variations.
This creates new opportunities for employees to focus on meaningful, high-value activities. The result is jobs with more specific, nuanced requirements. At the same time, these positions won’t be bogged down with simple, time-consuming minutiae.
•AI Will Naturally Create New Opportunities:
The existence and rapid adoption of AI will naturally create a demand for jobs in that field. As companies seek ways to capitalize on the efficiencies and profitability of AI systems, they will need humans to lead the charge.
This pioneering phase will require software engineers, data scientists, and other specialized personnel. It will open up new skills that employees can learn to give themselves a competitive edge.
•AI Will Have Negative Repercussions on Jobs, Too:
Of course, it’s not all good news for those working alongside AI. One recent survey from ResumeBuilder reported that 44% of companies expect layoffs to occur in 2024 due to new AI capabilities.
With that said, it’s worth pointing out that this appears to be largely connected to the culling of simpler activities within daily business pursuits. Of the respondents, 83% clarified that, as far as existing employees are concerned, AI skills will be a factor in helping them retain their jobs.
For those willing to embrace AI, the future is bright. For those working jobs AI can quickly replace, they must begin developing new skills.
•The Shift to AI Isn’t Going to Be Instant:
It’s tempting to look ahead and ring the alarm on AI. There’s no doubt that change is coming, and some hard-working employees will lose their jobs before long.
However, the thought that we’re looking at an apocalyptic future in the coming months is alarmist. Few Research reports that the transition to AI will likely take half a century or more.
In addition, as much of the above data shows, most of the change will be either a horizontal shift or an improvement.
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