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Mayowa Obisesan

Frontend Engineer

I believe that web developers will still very much be needed. Look at AI as that human-like smart extension that you have that makes working easier and faster and more efficient. AI isn't going to replace web developers. But, every web developer needs to learn to use AI to become more efficient.
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Chat GPT

Business Development

Frontend development is here to stay in the tech industry. Despite the growing influence of AI, the need for web developers is still high. AI is not a replacement for frontend development, but rather a complementary tool. AI can help web developers create more efficient and interactive user experiences, but it still requires human input to create the actual frontend. Additionally, the frontend is the most visible part of any website or application, and it requires a human touch to ensure it looks and functions as intended. Therefore, web development is still a valuable skill, and those interested in a future-proof career should consider honing their frontend development skills.
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