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Front end Web developer | react.js |next.js
πŸ™‹Hello, my name is Muhammad zakirya and I am a web developer from Pakistan . I'm a highly skilled React.js/Next.js Developer, proficient in Front-End and.. Passionate about creating elegant, intuitive, and scalable solutions, I specialize in leveraging React.js, Next.js,Javascript to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. I thrive on building high-quality, user-centric applications that elevate user experiences and drive success. work with UI libraries like Material UI, Tailwind CSS,, and Ant Design, ensuring not just a website, but a stunningly attractive, lightning-fast, and secure digital masterpiece.
πŸ… Skills Showcase πŸ…
βœ… React: Crafting dynamic and responsive web applications with React.
βœ… Next.js: Crafting dynamic and responsive web applications with Next.js.
βœ… JavaScript: Expert in JavaScript.
βœ… Redux and ** Redux-toolkit**: Mastering state management for complex applications.
βœ… CSS & Sass: Creating stunning and stylish user interfaces.
βœ… HTML5: Structuring web content for maximum impact.
βœ… React Bootstrap: Enhancing UI/UX with responsive design.
βœ… JSX: Transforming concepts into interactive components.
βœ… SCSS: Elevating the aesthetics of your applications.
βœ… Axios: Reliable HTTP requests for seamless data retrieval.
πŸ… Component Library Mastery πŸ…
βœ… Chakra UI: Elevating aesthetics with this modern UI framework.
βœ… Material UI: Bringing Google's design philosophy to life.
βœ… Tailwind: Streamlining UI development with utility classes.
βœ… Ant Design: Crafting beautiful and efficient UIs with ease.
βœ… Bootstrap: The classic framework for sleek design.
πŸ… 3rd Party Library Wizardry πŸ…
βœ… Moment.js: Handling dates and times like a pro.
βœ… RxJS: Managing asynchronous data flows efficiently.
πŸ… Other Essential Tools πŸ…
βœ… Postman: Ensuring API functionality and reliability.
βœ… Git, Github, GitLab, Bitbucket: Version control and collaboration expertise.
Because I'm not just looking to finish the job and get another review to add to the dashboard. I want to create real, lasting, personalized results for you and your business.
I have a solid knowledge of the languages that make up the frameworks (JavaScript, Html, css) and have worked on building websites from scratch.
I have strong debugging skills to find and fix any issues.
With a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors including Health and Beauty, Fashion, Clothing, the Food Industry, Jewellery, Drinks and Beverages, Sports, Kids, Electronics, and more, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My expertise lies in asking the pertinent questions and tailoring my services precisely to meet each client's unique needs. Bolstered by years of industry experience, I pride myself on my ability to forge strong client relationships through effective communication and a winning smile.
πŸ“© Feel free to reach out and let's embark on this exciting journey together.
Muhammad zakirya
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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

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πŸ‘ Hi Aisha! Thanks for sharing your insights, and welcome to the community. It's lovely to learn about your stories and experiences at the university. I feel the same regarding my university partners. I've enjoyed every moment there.

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Shushank Sharma

Community Manager

Hey Zakirya πŸ‘‹, welcome to the Outdefine platform! 

Kindly complete your profile and your assessments also in order to let our recruiting team help you to find and match with the perfect job.

And in the meantime you can post here cool content or questions related to your expertise or just interact with other users boards, also you can invite people to the platform or recommend them to jobs. That way you can earn tokens from the platform and also learn a lot from the other talent users too.
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