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Five common mistakes to avoid during a remote job interview!
Virtual interviews are becoming the new normal. Companies have increased their hiring process to online job interviews for shortlisted candidates. To help you turn that dream job application into an offer – make sure you avoid these interview pitfalls if you really want to get ahead.
Here are some common virtual interview mistakes and tips to avoid.
✅Not preparing for the interview questions:
Sitting in a virtual interview and not sure about the company’s background and the job role you have applied for, will give a bad impression.
Practice mock interviews, research about the company beforehand, and check the job specifications. These tips will help you feel more prepared, comfortable, and confident.
✅Messy Background:
Interviewing in a messy room may create a bad impression on the interviewer, and sitting in front of an area with lots of decorations or trinkets may distract them.
Select an appropriate digital image to upload as your background, and be sure to test it before your interview.
✅Distracting your body language:
Body language and posture play an important role as they convey a lot of information about the candidate’s personality.
Sit up straight and comfortably on a chair and avoid leaning as it makes you appear too close to the camera. Look natural during the conversation.
✅Not building rapport:
An interview is not just about answering technical questions, it is also about whether you are a good addition to the organisation or not.
Pay attention to the person interviewing, not just the questions, and try to connect with them. Small talk before and after the interview will definitely help you.
✅Don’t Rush!
Take your time – the more you think through your response, the better it will be. It’s natural in an interview to feel nervous. However, the interviewer is more likely to know how better you are at giving quality answers. The organisation is also looking for someone who is calm under pressure, so take your time and think through your answer before speaking.
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Virtual interviews require preparation and confident body language. Research the company, select an appropriate background, and practice mock interviews. Avoid leaning too close to the camera, take your time to answer questions, and build rapport with the interviewer. It’s important to remember that the interviewer is looking for someone who can handle pressure and is a good fit for the organisation.
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