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Explore the Power of Hashtags on the Outdefine Community!
At Outdefine, we strive for a seamless experience on our platform. Introducing Predetermined Hashtags to elevate your connection with like-minded professionals, seeking advice, and sharing knowledge.
Unlock the Potential of Default Hashtags
Navigating Outdefine is made easy with Predetermined Hashtags—a curated list for focused discussions. Engage effectively using these categorized hashtags.
How to Use Default Hashtags

Discover Relevant Hashtags: Explore and find categories aligning with your interests.
Join Discussions: Click on a hashtag to delve into related discussions.
Participate Actively: Engage by commenting, sharing experiences, or asking questions.
Create Your Own Posts: Use relevant hashtags for broader reach.

Examples of Effective Hashtag Use

Tech Career Advice: "#TechCareerAdvice"
AI Trends Discussion: "#AIForum"
Tech Event Connection: "#TechEvents"
Coding Challenges: "#CodeChallenges #TechDebates"
UX/UI Best Practices: "#UIUXBestPractices #DesignThinking"

Earn DEFN Tokens for Community Engagement
Active members now earn DEFN tokens—platform tokens with diverse applications. Boost profiles, unlock resources, and access exclusive benefits. In the future, DEFN tokens transition into governance tokens, allowing community participation in platform decisions.
We've just published a blog post about this feature: "Explore the Power of Hashtags on Outdefine Community." Check it out here:
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