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7 Expert-Recommended Tech Tools To Boost Professional And Personal Productivity!
The right tech tool can make all the difference when it comes to productivity, and nobody knows that better than tech industry leaders. We’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that,” but it’s still surprising how many daily tasks and needs can be addressed with technology.
From managing daily to-do lists to powering lifetime learning to staying in touch with colleagues—and much more—a variety of apps can help us more easily navigate our personal and work lives.
Here are 7 tech tools that will help anyone boost their productivity:
ChatGPT is a versatile tech tool that can help boost productivity in a multitude of ways. It can assist users with ideation, aid them in comprehending complex texts, and provide translations and explanations for non-native English speakers. With ChatGPT, the possibilities are endless.
Clockify is a great tool for tracking how you spend your time. People are often pulled in many directions at work. Using Clockify can paint a helpful picture of when you’re most productive and where you’ve overspent your time. After a few weeks, analyze where and how you spend your time so you can make improvements.
It’s a versatile note-taking and organization app that allows users to capture, store and access their ideas, to-do lists and important information across multiple devices.
The Headspace app is invaluable for individuals looking to boost their productivity, emotional awareness and overall well-being. The app offers meditation and mindful listening exercises through which users can develop enhanced focus, open monitoring, active listening and self-compassion.
•Microsoft Excel:
When it comes to versatility, no tool comes near Microsoft Excel. Non-tech professionals in accounting, HR, sales and marketing can do wonders with Excel. You can get started within minutes, and there is no end to how much you can learn—there’s a whole lot of highly useful stuff that you will discover even after years of using Excel.
OneNote is a fantastic way to organize your thoughts and formulate a plan. Planning your day is crucial in order to achieve desired outcomes. Each day, think about what you are trying to accomplish and create a plan in your Microsoft Outlook. Allocate time for each task to get closer to the goal, and have fun with it.
•Calendar App (Google Calendar; Calendly):
Google Calendar and Calendly are user-friendly tools that can boost productivity. Google Calendar makes it easy to manage events, set reminders and share availability, while Calendly simplifies appointment scheduling. These tools help users effortlessly organize their personal and work lives, leading to increased efficiency and better time management.
Share your thoughts – what's your go-to productivity tool, and did I miss any gems in my list? Your insights make this conversation even more enriching. Let's boost our productivity together!
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