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4 Essential Skills For a Job In Artificial Intelligence! 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world we live in. It’s at the forefront of the huge wave of digital transformation we’re witnessing across the world. Skills in artificial intelligence lead to careers that make changes in a range of areas of rapid growth:
•Smartphone technology
•Supply-chain automation
•Fraud prevention
•Energy supply and usage
•Online shopping
•Email spam filters
•Diagnosing illnesses
AI is everywhere around us, and its capabilities are sought-after by almost every industry. It’s no surprise, therefore, that research from Gartner suggests that the demand for workers with specialist AI skills and machine learning knowledge tripled between 2015 and 2019.
📌Here are the 4 essential tips for landing a job in artificial intelligence, and kickstarting your career to help build a smarter tomorrow:
Whatever Artificial Intelligence career you’re looking to pursue developing a strong knowledge of programming languages is a key skill that you need to harness.
Programming is essential in a number of AI-based careers such as:
•Machine learning engineer
•Algorithm developer
•Computer vision engineer
•SLAM engineer
Anyone who works in AI will benefit from understanding a range of programming languages like:
•Apache Spark
•Python 3
2️⃣Database Modelling, Data Warehousing and Data Processing:
Employers around the world are searching for Artificial Intelligence experts who have a broad computer science skill set. AI jobseekers must not only manage large amounts of data, but also use machine learning techniques to use it faster and more efficiently.
Being able to understand and manipulate data is key to making AI systems work.
3️⃣Machine Learning:
Put simply, Artificial Intelligence enables machines to carry out tasks in a way that we consider ‘smart’. Machine learning is the method we use to make this a reality, without telling the machines what to do.
If your dream role is to be a machine learning engineer, for instance,  it would be your job to create machines which can learn by themselves – or be able to unearth patterns hidden in huge amounts of data – without being explicitly programmed to do so.
One thing is certain: machine learning is changing society forever and, as an Artificial Intelligence expert, it would be your role to push this technology to new heights.
The fundamental concepts
Current AI and machine learning techniques
Research advances that you’ll need to take your learning further.
4️⃣Knowledge of Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI):
What do Amazon’s Echo range, Ring Video doorbells and Google’s Nest Hub all have in common? They’re all interactive systems with intelligent interfaces.
Autonomous technologies like these  carry out tasks for us but also prompt our input and respond to our commands. As systems like these become increasingly capable, Artificial Intelligence experts are challenged to design user interfaces.
The ways in which people interact with a system - such as a remote control, touch–screen or voice recognition – must be transparent, understandable and responsive. The essential skill here is recognising human factors. You’ll need to master our interactions with AI when designing, using and evaluating IUIs.
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