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10 effective LinkedIn strategies to build an engaged LinkedIn presence on the platform!
LinkedIn users refer to this platform as a “professional social networking site.” So, there is no need to say why LinkedIn is important for professionals.
However, you can’t get what you want, not just by being on the platform. To stand out from the crowd, you must have a well-thought strategy.
1️⃣Optimize Your Profile:
There is a saying, “First impression is a last impression.” And on LinkedIn, your profile is your calling card. For that reason, you must ensure that your profile introduces you and your company.
Follow the tips below to optimize your LinkedIn profile:
•While creating your profile, you should post a decent profile picture that shows professional looks. And for your business LinkedIn account, you can use your company logo or pictures related to it.
•Update your headline and make it well-created by including your target audience and what you offer to them.
•Include the motto of you/your company. This way, when people look at your profile, they get to know it’s an authentic account.
•The next thing to consider is to include the target keyword in your headline. Users look for company names and locations, so include them and make it easy for people to find you. The same goes for an individual profile. Use buzzwords while describing yourself.
•Don’t forget to upload a background picture on your profile. It is a perfect place to brand your company and yourself. Pictures can easily grab users’ attention.
•Another thing that you should consider is updating your experiences in your profile. Include numbers or dates while updating experiences. Change it as per your strategy.
•For a personal profile, you can include any projects you want people to know about.
•If you have received any awards, skills, certifications, or honors from a company/organization this year, add them to your LinkedIn profile’s Awards and Honors section. It will help you to highlight the accomplishment.
2️⃣Build Your Network:
The network is something that is too important to have. When you have a strong network, you can expand your social connection for knowledge exchanges, inspiration, or to achieve your business goals.
However, that doesn’t mean accepting everyone’s connection request or sending a connection request to anyone randomly.
You can use the search bar to search for the people you want to connect with. Also, you can use the “People You May Know” feature of LinkedIn to send a connection request.
3️⃣Create and Share Quality Content:
Creating and sharing quality content on LinkedIn is another top strategy anyone can apply to build a strong presence on this platform. However, to create and share content, you must find out your target audience and their interests.
Your post should show how to solve a problem, what you offer to the audience, and you/your company’s motto. You can share blog posts, informative articles, and infographics that reflect your brand. You can include the target keywords in your post’s caption. Give them a relevant title or description.
4️⃣Monitor Your Analytics and Adjust Your Strategy:
Once you optimize your profile, build your network, and share content, it’s time to monitor your analytics. However, just monitoring data is not a good action for a successful LinkedIn Marketing Manager. You should monitor the insights and use analytics tools to refine and adjust your approach.
Additionally, LinkedIn is a constantly evolving platform, so you must regularly review and update your LinkedIn marketing strategy to stay current and effective. Stay on top of new features and trends, and be willing to adapt your approach as needed.
5️⃣Connect with Recruiters and Employers:
For an individual’s LinkedIn profile, optimizing the profile with relevant keywords is important.  Include keywords related to your desired job title and the company you want to work for. And don’t forget to follow them. It’s an easy way to know what position is vacant in their company and what the requirements are to get hired for that position.
Additionally, do like, comment, and share their content. This way, when you apply for jobs in their company and when they view your profile, they get to know you are engaging with them.
6️⃣Build Your Personal Brand:
Building your personal brand is establishing and promoting yourself as a unique professional with specific skills, knowledge, and values that differentiate you from others in your industry. It is about presenting yourself in a way that resonates with your audience and helps you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
So, create your personal brand and use the networking opportunities and connections to promote it. Once you create your brand, you can promote your brand on your LinkedIn profile and the content you share. Share content that aligns with your personal brands, such as articles, videos, and infographics that showcase your knowledge and expertise.
7️⃣Utilize Hashtags:
You should use hashtags in your articles and posts to increase the chance of your posts being discovered. However, including hashtags randomly is not a smart move. You should do heavy research by querying relevant hashtags. After that, find how often hashtags are used. Then include 3 to 5 hashtags in your articles.
In addition to other famous hashtags, you can use your own branded hashtag. Using branded hashtags helps increase brand awareness and make your content more discoverable.
8️⃣Engage with Influencers:
Finding out relevant influencers and engaging with them is the next thing that you should do to build a strong LinkedIn presence. When you engage and interact with influencers’ posts on LinkedIn, you will put a range of interesting content that adds value to your feed.
Further, you can collaborate with influencers or celebrities and attract new audiences to your brand. It’s a mutual benefit for you and the influencers.
9️⃣Utilize LinkedIn Polls:
Using LinkedIn polls? Too cheesy.
If you have ever felt this way and not using LinkedIn polls, you are missing a big thing.
You can ask questions, and the audience can vote from a list of options in LinkedIn polls to make them more engaging and interactive.
Since answering the polls is easier than leaving comments on a post, the audience can engage in it. In fact, LinkedIn polls reach 3X to 5X more people than posts without a poll.
🔟Promote Your LinkedIn Presence:
Building an online viewer base and creating an influential online presence is one of the major social media pain points. And that’s more so in the case of LinkedIn. But there’s a solution for that as well.
You can only connect with a few people only by being on a single platform. But if you are on a different platform, you can connect with a wide range of audiences.
So, if you have a previously established social media account, use it to promote your LinkedIn account. You can draw the attention of people from outside the platform. However, just by placing the profile link on other social media won’t drive public attention.
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To build an engaged LinkedIn presence, optimize your profile, build your network, share quality content, monitor analytics, connect with recruiters and employers, build your personal brand, utilize hashtags, engage with influencers, use LinkedIn polls, and promote your presence on other social media platforms. Monitor analytics to adjust your approach and stay current with trends.
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