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Protocol Engineer


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Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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full time contract
$40 - 65 /hr
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What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a protocol engineer to work within the Protocol Team in designing and implementing Biconomy’s Multichain Relayer Protocol. You will collaboratively take ownership of the protocol's design, construction, and development.

We are looking for a highly experienced core developer with relevant experience in implementing solutions to core blockchain problems (such as consensus, account management, cryptography, storage, identity, and performance)As web3 networks mature, the demand for highly intuitive and nuanced user experiences has grown. At the same time, the demand for decentralization is at an all-time high.

To achieve these design goals, we need a core developer to collaboratively design, build and evolve the core decentralized infrastructure capable of censorship resistance and, simultaneously, deliver user experience exceeding those offered by legacy networks.


Blockchain ecosystemBlockchainGolangNodeJavascript


- 4+ years of experience in software development and relevant experience in blockchain technologies
- Practical experience with various consensus protocols/algorithms
- Practical experience with p2p communication in a decentralized network (concept of connecting to a peer node, handling connection drops, hands-on libp2p experience is a plus point!)
- Practical experience with designing and building high-performance and scalable network protocols
- Practical experience with mempool implementation (preferably EVM mempool) and ability to modify it as per network requirements. Non-EVM is a plus point!
- Hands-on experience with Go, Typescript, Nodejs, Javascript
- Hands-on experience with Oracles, Relayers, and setting up blockchain nodes
- Hands-on experience with Ethereum supplementary tools such as infura, ethers.js, hardhat, etc
- Demonstrated strong ability to take an implementation from POC to MVP to Production while ensuring quality


- Working within the Protocol Team in designing and implementing Biconomy’s Multichain Relayer protocol
- Researching external blockchain systems and understanding how they implement solutions to core blockchain problems, designing ways to integrate them with Biconomy’s relayer protocol
- Participating in technical specifications design, development, and implementations
- Upholding high-security standards and ensuring sound security practices when building out the protocol
- Collaborating with developers on all parts of the stack internally for auxiliary products such as wallets, block explorers, etc
- Performing and assisting engineers through code reviews, acceptance testing, bug fixing, and general support
- Staying up to date with emerging trends and applying them to Biconomy if applicable

The Hiring Process

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