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application/network integrator

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Cybersecurity trendsCloud ComputingDevOpsAgile methodologies


- Windows/Linux Server Infrastructure: Candidates need to be proficient in navigating server environments & have good knowledge of the majority of operational functions.
- Knowledge of the Enterprise and Cyber security concepts such as demilitarized zones (DMZs), firewalls, proxies, Email relays, Certificate management and Single Sign-On (SSO) concepts.
- Knowledge of the main cloud offerings: SaaS, PaaS & IaaS with Google, Amazon and/or Microsoft or equivalent.
- Knowledge of the DevOps Operating model and the role of a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE).
- Interpersonal skills/communication - Good quality English speaking is essential as there is regular interaction with peer teams, internal clients, vendors and suppliers in any other regions. Candidates must be able to communicate clearly and concisely to minimize misunderstandings and to ensure fast and accurate dissemination of information.
- Interact with IT functional groups and establish relationships cross-functionally to drive projects to closure
- Create Network architectural diagrams using Visio or similar tools.
- Building on-prem applications using clients, servers, and backend databases (typical three-tier model).



- Full TCPIP stack including knowledge of routing, VPNs, and leased lines (MPLS).
- Single-Sign-On configurations (SSO), whitelisting & two-factor authentication.
- Internet proxy configuration.


- TCPIP protocol stack (OSI) with Firewalls, DNS & Routing.
- Active Directory, LDAP, Entitlement Management.
- Certificate Management.
- Encryption algorithms
- Data at rest, motion etc.

Soft Skills:

- Strong inter-personal skills.
- Ability to work in a complex multidisciplinary environment.
- Self-starter, ability to lead initiatives, drive agendas etc..
- Agile/DevOps operating environment.
- MS SQL (Sybase and/or DB2 would be advantageous).
- Financial industry expertise a plus.
- Knowledge of market data a plus.


- Focused is more on the applications side.
- Fully integrating Eaton Vance into Morgan Stanley.
- Have a lot of apps with a complete ecosystem.
- May need to onboard 100 - 200 Apps.
- Financial-based applications (business applications).
- On-prem or web-based both apps and cloud-based apps, bond or trading types apps.
- Person will help in onboarding these apps.
- Have to deal with both networking & security side work.
- Knows how to work in an enterprise environment - bring the application into production.
- Need to work with a lot of different types of people.

Skills: Complex Enterprise Environment

- Network- TCP/IP, routing, switching, hybrid network environment etc.
- Servers, Databases, Storages, Clusters, etc.
- Dealing with product owners and financial vendors
- Not a desktop job or any helpdesk role.
- Security part is very important.
- Focus is on the application as this person will be integrating apps from one enterprise to another one and need to interact with a lot of other persons and teams to understand the environment/platform needs.

The Hiring Process

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