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Developer Relations


California City, 加利福尼亚美国
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About the job


[Key Responsibilities]

You will work with the founding team to develop a developer growth plan, from maintaining developer  relationships and growing the creator community to exploring mutually beneficial opportunities between our developer  and Myshell:

  • Be responsible for the operations and growth of AI developer, developing developer growth plans and maintaining sustainable relationships with developers;
  • Build a regional ecosystem of local developers, develop and implement a series of operation systems such as developer introduction, growth training, grading incentives, etc., to promote the supply of high-quality content;
  • Explore and operate AI-related tech communities at home and abroad, including but not limited to Reddit, Product hunt, Instant, Twitter, Telegram, and direct creators to Myshell for creation;
  • Maintain Myshell's Discord creator community, focus on communication hotspots, plan and land quality content distribution;
  • Cultivate developers in the community through courses, activities, exchanges, etc., motivate developers to create and share, and be able to guide developers to produce valuable bot;
  • Through the developer behaviour analysis, competitive research and other analysis of the developer traffic operation pain points, output constructive optimization recommendations, with product development, to promote the implementation.

[Ideal Candidate Profile]

  • Experience in growth and operation management of developer in AIGC field;
  • Deep user of technology communities at home and abroad, research experience in pan-entertainment content, social networks, community ecology, have relevant AI technology community operation experience, familiar with the operation of the community;
  • Familiar with AI products at home and abroad, have strong interest in AI field, have a certain understanding of the needs of developers in the AI field, like to explore and study the evolution trend of AI products;
  • Fluent in spoken and written Chinese and English, English can be used as working language.

[Plus Points]

  • Has a strong technical background and experience working with AI projects, having AI-relevant developing experience is a plus.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills who can work closely and effectively with influential developers, having BD experience is a plus.
  • Deeply plugged into the developer ecosystem, with prior experience working in developer engagement/running developer communities.
Skills required
Developer RelationsOpen source projects
Employee location
California City, 加利福尼亚美国
Experience level
Not specified
Workplace type
Job type
full time
$60000 - 100000 /yr

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