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Web Graphics Engineer Intern


San Francisco, CA, USA
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About the job


πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ About the Role

We are looking for talented students with a passion for graphics and web programming to take Flux to the next level. We worked hard and built an all remote team with a great culture, join us and work from wherever you desire!

You will join a senior team and own new projects involving our 3D design editor, raycasting, GPU and rendering performance, to enable Flux users to bring their designed circuits into physical shape. You'll touch everything from overall architecture, performance optimizations, tooling and feature development, to suggesting novel approaches or algorithms, and collaborate closely with our graphics, platform and FE React developers.

What's our interview process?

We have a take-home programming challenge that can be done in a few hours in any language (although we prefer Typescript or Javascript). If that goes well, we have a technical programming interview with one of our engineers, and a followup interview with our Director of Engineering.

🎯 You might be a good fit if you have

  • Demonstrated fluency with Javascript or Typescript, and familiarity with C++ or Rust
  • Strong experience in WebGL and/or 3D applications, and associated render pipelines
  • Experience with web apps built with React, Redux, Three.js or react-three-fiber
  • Experience with custom shader design, computational geometry, GPU picking, OpenGL or related concepts
  • Built end-to-end systems from prototypes to implementation
  • Strong product sense and startup experience

πŸ›  Today our teammates at Flux

  • Work primarily inΒ TypeScript
  • Autonomously figure out the solutions to their challenges
  • Put themselves in the shoes of our users to craft a great experience
  • Value clear, frequent communication
  • Are generalists, working across our entire codebase in various languages.
  • Are naturally curious and lifelong learners
  • Are supportive of each other and mentor each other - especially when teammates are faced with new challenges
  • Are accountable to each other
  • Are experts in their field and uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design
  • Have compensation and benefits in line with other high growth, VC backed startups

πŸ“š Our Stack

  • React/Redux/React-three-fiber
  • Three.js
  • Typescript
  • Netlify, Google Firebase, Google Cloud Functions, AWS S3, Algolia, PubNub
  • Cutting-edge CI inspired by Facebook; Github, CircleCi, Cypress
Skills required
Employee location
San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience level
Not specified
Workplace type
Job type
$25 - 40 /hr

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