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Julieta CuraPosted 05/12/2023

Welcome to Outdefine Community

Outdefine Hive is the first tokenized destination for Web3 and AI professionals who seek to connect with like minded peers, ask questions, and get precise answers. It is the first community board where you can deep dive into industry trends, access top job opportunities, and earn DEFN tokens for engaging with the community. Outdefine Hive is free, forever!

This innovative community board takes networking and knowledge sharing to new heights with several features that will make the experience stand out from traditional networking platforms.

Key features to elevate your experience

Boards — These are your questions, discussion starters, and ideas that you create and share with community. Hyped — See boards that are gaining attention, traction, and interest from the community with the Hyped feed. Endorse — Show the community which boards you find valuable by giving them a thumbs up. Earn DEFN — Earn DEFN Tokens for accomplishing milestones within the community. Vote with DEFN — Use DEFN Tokens to vote on the quality replies that you find the most helpful or thought-provoking.

Accelerate your career with DEFN Tokens

Unlock premium features like:

Resume reviews — Land the interview by having an expert-reviewed resume by Outdefine career experts Mock interviews — Get ready for your interview with 1:1 interview practice with Outdefine career experts

Enhance your career with Trusted Membership

Pass an assessment process and become Trusted for free to unlock exclusive features like:

Reward — Earn 500 DEFN Tokens for becoming Trusted Premier job opportunities — Access job opportunities with companies and enterprises globally

Community Board Guidelines:

1. **Engage in Meaningful Conversations:** When creating a board, make sure it fosters meaningful discussions. Share thoughts, insights, or ask questions that encourage others to participate and contribute constructively.
2. **Stay on Topic:** Ensure your board aligns with the chosen category. Irrelevant or off-topic boards will be removed to maintain the board's relevance.
3. **Be Descriptive:** Provide a clear and concise description for your board. Make it easy for users to understand what the board is about and what kind of content they can expect.
4. **Use Appropriate Tags:** Tags help users find your board. Use relevant tags that accurately represent the subject matter and theme of your board.
5. **Respect Copyright:** Do not post content that infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights. Share your ideas, but respect the work of others by giving proper credit.
6. **No Spam or Self-Promotion:** Avoid spammy or self-promotional boards. Instead, focus on offering valuable content and insights to the community.
7. **Help Others:** Be supportive of fellow community members. If someone has a question, share your knowledge and assist them in finding a solution.
8. **Avoid Duplicate Boards:** Before creating a new board, search to ensure there isn't an existing board on the same topic. Duplicate boards will be removed.
9. **Use English Language:** To maintain a consistent user experience, we recommend using English as the primary language for board descriptions and discussions. However, feel free to add subtitles or translations to accommodate a diverse audience.

Examples of Good Boards:

1. **Tech Trends of 2023:** Discuss the latest technological trends and their impact on various industries.
2. **Web3: The Future of the Internet:** Explore the world of Web3, decentralized applications, and blockchain technology.
3. **AI in Healthcare:** Delve into the role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing the healthcare sector.
4. **Front-end Development Tips:** Share best practices and tips for front-end developers to create stunning user interfaces.
5. **Blockchain Projects to Watch:** Discuss upcoming blockchain projects and their potential impact on the crypto space.
6. **Coding Challenges and Solutions:** Engage in coding challenges, share your solutions, and learn from fellow programmers.
7. **Job Seeking Strategies:** Exchange insights on effective job-seeking strategies in the tech industry.

Examples of Bad Practices:

1. **Generic Boards:** Creating a board with just the title "Hi" or lacking a meaningful description.
2. **Non-Descriptive Titles:** Using vague or irrelevant titles that don't reflect the board's content.
3. **Link Dumping:** Posting links without context or meaningful description.
4. **Bot Activity:** Using automated bots to post content or engage in discussions. Such activity is against the community guidelines.
5. **Spammy Promotions:** Sharing boards solely for self-promotion or spamming users with irrelevant content.
6. **Plagiarism:** Copying and pasting content from other sources without proper attribution.
7. **Scam and Phishing:** Engaging in fraudulent or phishing activities, attempting to deceive or steal from community members.

Penalties for Bad Practices:

- Boards that violate the guidelines will be removed.
- Users who repeatedly engage in bad practices may face temporary or permanent suspension from the community.

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