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I Need Advice On This Crypto Investment
Hello Everyone, i found this message in my Spam Email, what is your advice on this?
Congratulations this Is just for you so kindly read to the end to claim yours!
What if you had bought Bitcoin in 2009 when the price was less than $1?
Do you know that with just a $1 investment you would have made over 6.5 Million USD as at today’s price?
Well, Bitcoin is now above the average person but the coin I am about to Introduce to you is the next big thing, and that coin is $Groove Coin.
Keep reading till you claim yours……
$Groove is the digital currency for GROOVEUP the first decentralized Music streaming platform that will pay fans to stream music of their favorite artists.
$Groove is the first Stream to Earn token to be launched on the Solana Network in a few days.
If you missed Bitcoin in 2011 then don’t miss $Groove Coin as this will be the first of its kind on the Solana Network with 3 Exchange listings waiting.
Here is how you can get your own $Groove coin now following this simple process.
Claim your own $Groove coin using the presale link below
👇🏼 https://grooveup.com/presale.html
Over 60% of the presale target has already been hit and the presale is closing on the 23rd of April and the Exchange listing is 25th of April.
For more information or guidance kindly chat with the GROOVEUP Team on Instagram or Twitter on
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grooveupapp?igsh=azhvcnJvdHFteG9o
Twitter: https://x.com/grooveupapp?s=21&t=q38sPhSWyK5HZ-bkxzeQqQ
Here is a $Groove Explainer video:
👇🏼 https://youtu.be/mOQlAd8ed6U?si=FbsG7CakBmog6V68
After purchasing Tokens kindly attach your META MASK OR TRUST WALLET where you want your token delivered to on the Email sent to confirm purchase.
Don’t miss this Token with the Potential to do 10-100X On Listing day!
Share the presale links with your friends and earn a huge % of $GROOVE tokens.
Congratulations GROOVEUP Team.
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Learn about our rewards system and how to earn tokens.

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Julieta Cura | Outdefine Team

Marketing manager

Hey Precious! I strongly recommend you not open any link you don't trust. Especially in the web3 area. It's full of scams and frauds. Try to research the official channels of that specific project or company.
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Precious Abolade

Human Resources

Thank's Alot
I really appreciate!
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