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5 Best Software Development Tools!
📌What are software development tools for?
If we were to say that software is the finished dish, software development tools would be the pots, pans, and utensils. The software development plan you’ve crafted is the recipe, of course.
Whether you’re looking to create the next best team management app or want to develop a game — you’ll need to use some top-of-the-line tools for software development.
In order to build software, you have to take part in a range of project activities, both simple and complex. All those activities occur within different phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC).
Each software project will call for different software development tools. Some of the most common types used today include, but aren’t limited to:
Code and text editors,
Integrated Development Environment (IDE),
Source control tools,
Project and task management tools,
Design tools,
Code repositories, and
Continuous integration tools.
Some of the stand-out tools are:
1️⃣GitHub — best for version control and collaboration:
One of the most popular Git repositories today is GitHub, a platform that enables high-level developer collaboration.
At its core, GitHub allows for storage, management, tracking, and control of code. It is one of the best options for version control, a practice that enables developers to track and manage code modifications.
2️⃣Plaky — best for project and task management:
If you’re on the hunt for free project management tools for software development, Plaky may be the ideal choice.
Its main focus is on task management and collaboration, so teams can effortlessly use it. Better yet, Plaky offers some great progress-tracking features, which will ensure you stay on top of your game throughout the SDLC.
3️⃣Visual Studio — best for IDE lovers:
Microsoft’s Visual Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment) that has been around since 1997.
Since an IDE is a type of software application that consists of various developer tools, Visual Studio also comes with an array of features that allow developers to develop quality software fast and accurately.
4️⃣Bootstrap — best for efficient frontend web development:
Bootstrap is well known in the software development world as one of the most efficient CSS frameworks. It was developed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto of the Twitter fame and is a feature-packed toolkit for frontend web development.
There are many things to love about Bootstrap, including its flexible, user-friendly grid system, its extensive icons library, and its high compatibility with the latest desktop and mobile browsers.
5️⃣Azure — best for extensive cloud computing:
Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers an ever-expanding collection of services in various domains of software development and management.
Its solutions include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).
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