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Posted 05/25/2023

James Giles | Outdefine Trusted Member

Journey to Web3:

James Giles's journey into the fascinating world of Web3 began with his deep interest in Bitcoin. Curiosity fueled his quest for knowledge, and he devoured countless podcasts, eager to learn more. This immersive self-education journey opened his eyes to the transformative potential of decentralized technologies. Now, James says he's all-in, see for yourself here, and ready to make Web3 his professional path.

Background in Wealth Management:

With a strong foundation in wealth management, James recognizes the power of financial empowerment. But his passion extends beyond traditional boundaries. He has dedicated time to uplift underserved communities in Africa, igniting hope and fostering positive change. His experiences have shaped him into a compassionate advocate for community empowerment.

Community-Centric Approach:

One of the aspects that draws James to Web3 is the profound sense of community it fosters. He firmly believes in the power of unity and collaboration to drive meaningful progress. To stay actively engaged, James has been an active contributor to various communities and has even lent his expertise to beta phase projects. Values of Censorship Resistance and Inclusion: As an ardent supporter of individual freedom and equality, James places great importance on the principles of censorship resistance and inclusion. He understands that in a decentralized world, every voice matters, and opportunities should be accessible to all. His commitment to these values drives his desire to create a more equitable future.

Looking for the Right Opportunity:

James is currently seeking the perfect opportunity to channel his skills, knowledge, and passion for Web3 into a professional setting and is leveraging Outdefine's free platform to develop his expertise, make valuable connections, and search for his dream career. Connect further with James, and join his conversations on Outdefine Hive here.